What to Look For in an iPhone 12


The new iPhone 12 gives users a big leap forward with many advancements over the older models. The features discussed below are only some of the new features in the iPhone 12. However, we expect that the list of new features for this year’s iPhone will continue to grow. Plus, Apple has not yet disclosed the design strategy for this year’s iPhone or revealed the price of the iPhone 12. We expect to find out more new information on September 2nd.

– Higher storage. For those who have bought iPhone 12 Plus, you can now get a bigger, longer and more powerful memory space, which will make your apps run faster and your photos more efficiently. A premium memory upgrade will also let you extend the lifespan of your device. This is a feature offered on both the iPhone 12 Plus. iphone 12

– Higher display. The iPhone 12 comes with a 5.5 inch LCD touch screen, up from the existing 4.7 inch screen of the iPhone 12 Plus. While the edge to edge display of the iPhone 12 Plus offers a bigger and taller view of the applications, it does take away from the touch sensitivity. So users are not fully able to enjoy all the features that the iPhone 12 offers in its taller and wider form. But with the s Sierra Blue color, users can enjoy the features of the iPhone 12 Plus at all times without any sacrifice on the touch sensitive features.

– Built-in USB port. The iPhone 12 Plus come with a USB port, which allows you to use your phone and other external devices like the iPad and the iPod Touch without purchasing separate peripherals for these devices. You will find this port to be very convenient when connecting your iPod or connecting the iPhone 12 camera for instant facial recognition.

– Face recognition technology. Most of the modern iPhones have integrated facial recognition technology, which is great for random access. However, it’s not available in all models of the iPhone 12 Plus. The iPhone 12 Plus models have been equipped with the new features mentioned above along with the Face Recognition feature.

In short, the iPhone 12 Plus offer a lot of advancements over their predecessors. These two models are slightly pricier than the iPhone 7 Plus. But this shouldn’t deter you from buying one and using it. There are still many advantages that the cheaper iPhone models offer. You just need to shop around and look for the best price.

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