Redmi 9A – A Smart Mobile Phone With Good Features and Functions


Redmi 9A on sale: What’s new. On launch: Redmi 9A becomes available in China. The smartphone comes with a 6. 53-inch touch screen with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels and an eight-inch capacitive screen. Redmi 9A runs on the MTN VOX platform of Samsung Electronics along with the industry-standard GSM modem. The company claims that Redmi 9A will go a long way in bringing Redmi brand in the international market.

Battery life: Two models of redmi 9a are available with the options of two gigabyte memory card and a single gigabyte memory card. The single gigabyte card comes with 16GB internal storage and it can be expanded using a microSD card. The other card has a maximum of two gigabyte memory but it can be increased later. Both cards come with a fast Wireless-N connectivity with GPRS and EDGE technologies respectively. They also support the High Definition Audio standard and the Dual Shot camera in the Android platform.

Camera: The Redmi 9A comes with a six-point automatic focus as well as a landscape mode. In the portrait mode, the rear image is captured automatically and the front image will also be great. The high-performance Helio G25 processor delivers amazing power to the camera. The dual LED flash with LED auto lamp ensures that the battery life is not compromised. The battery delivers an impressive over twenty hours of battery life.

Display quality: The redmi 9a comes in a vivid screen that is clear and bright. It has a high-definition viewing screen that supports clear viewing even of bright outdoor lighting. The display has a high density of pixels ensuring that there is no distortion. The total resolution of the PPI measurement is 4015 x 2560 pixels. Redmi 9A

Storage: The 3.5 inch LCD screen is not big enough for most of the people but the response time of the device is excellent. This makes it easy to use the redmi 9a with the help of its quad core processor and RAM. The memory of the device is also satisfactory but you need to buy a separate card to add additional storage to your phone.

Camera: The camera of the redmi 9a is a very nice one and it comes with auto focus, manual focus, image stabilization, and it supports dual cameras. It also has a good color display. The auto snapshot feature and the noise reduction facility make it very appealing as a camera option.

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