oneplus nord 2 – A Redefining Mobile Phone


The new Blackberry maker, BlackBerry, has made another great smartphone in the shape of the BlackBerry OS smartphones or as it is commonly called, Blackberry smartphones. It is equipped with the famous BlackBerry Playbook. This all latest gadget has a nice keyboard and comes loaded with all the latest features. The BlackBerry OS is a complete system that provides you a rich user friendly operating system.

The BlackBerry Ones’ biggest competition in this field is the HTC Desire HD. There are several reasons why the two smartphones are so close in the market price. The first difference between the two devices is that the HTC model has a larger memory space whereas the blackberry is equipped with only a small memory space. The other difference is the screen size. The one that is manufactured by BlackBerry comes with a higher screen size when compared to the one manufactured by Sony Imx766 sensor. The onerous nord 2 also has the same camera and similar music player. oneplus nord 2

The battery life of oneplus phones is not as long as the BlackBerry, but it is more than satisfactory in comparison to the phones of Sony Imx766 Sensor. This factor reduces the price point of this device considerably. The onerous nord 2 has an enhanced version of the existing phone models in the market and hence it gains the advantage of having the features of existing phones added in. One feature that makes this device stand out in the crowd is the high refresh rate of its screen which makes it possible for the users to view images and videos with clarity and vibrancy.

With a large memory space, high quality cameras and excellent sound system, the onerous nord 2 allows the users to enjoy their multimedia experience to the fullest. The charging unit of this device is unique in the market as it has the capability of managing all the devices and chargers simultaneously. When the charger is plugged in to one plus nord 2, it can charge the devices like mobile phone, tablet PC and digital camera simultaneously. A charging cable is also provided along with the handset that facilitates fast and smooth charging of the mobile phones. It ensures that the battery life of the users is extended well beyond its limits.

As it is equipped with all the modern facilities, the onerous nord 2 comes with a few extra features such as infrared camera, gesture recognition facility, IP address monitoring and remote PC connection. All these features are powered by the new Blackberry engine that provides the best security updates, performance enhancing modes and many more. The security updates and modes are specifically designed keeping in mind the requirements of the corporate users and this device also comes with the N-series which supports encrypted WAP calling. This feature gives an enhanced security to the user and the communication between the corporate offices and the mobile phones is facilitated through a secure internet connection.

To sum up, the onerous nord 2 is one of the hottest handsets that have crossed all kinds of barriers and that too with flying colors. It has set new benchmarks in the mobile phone industry with several innovative features that have made it stand among the rest. This handset not only caters to the professional users but also has the potential of bridging the gap between the various groups of people who want to enjoy their day to day lives. It has been able to do so with a lot of flash and fun.

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